I do art out of two-coloured squares, professionally.

~ I said that once


Eyo, welcome to my page!
I'm Yelta, an independent artist from Germany. I do all kinds of stuff, but my online submissions are mostly 1-Bit pixel art. You can check it out in the gallery and see all the pages of this site in the footer and on the card page!


What is 1bit?

One bit is the smallest size of information possible, either on or off, either 1 or 0. In binary images, each pixel has the size of one bit, it is either in the one color, or the other one. Pixel art, digital art for which each pixel is placed individually, is called 1bit if it uses only two colors.

Am I allowed to use your art?

For private use, for example as virtual wallpaper, sure!

Please do not post it on social media. I apprechiate retweets and sharing this website, but anything else is theft.

For any use in public, bigger projects, like videogames or websites, please contact me, by sending me a twitter DM for example! I'd be fine with someone printing out my art, on paper, clothing or whatever, as long as you do it for private use and don't sell it.

How do I contact you?

The easiest and best way would be if you just write me a twitter DM, but if you don't use twitter or are more comfortable with that, I made myself an email account too:

[email protected]

It's hosted together with this domain, means always online when the website is. I won't check it as often as my twitter, but I get why people could prefer it.