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Vanilla Demo


Vanilla Demo is a pdf guide for playing Team Fortress 2's Demoman class,
written by me, Yelta, an independent artist from Germany.

It features all of the Demoman weapons, excluding only swords and shields, compares them with each other using graphs and explainations and goes over their synergies. Between that, there are quotes, short explanations of TF2's craziest weapon concepts and sub-classes, comparisons to the Soldier class and other intersting facts.


The 3rd and most recent version of the book features:

My Goal

Vanilla Demo is and will forever be free. The book and this website do not feature advertisements, trackers and are completely financed out of my own pocket.

For my personal backgrounds on writing this book without gaining anything from it, please read the Preface of the book.

I will say though, if this was to blow up completely, I'd make some interviews with the most famous and the best Demomains out there and let the book be printed - while also keeping it for free on the internet as pdf.